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Beavers to the rescue!

07 Apr 2017   |   Ani Radountcheva   |   0 Comments

Can beavers provide us with a 'nature based solution' against flooding?

In a secret location near Dartmoor, the activity of beavers has been monitored for over six years by the University of Exeter. It may be surprising to find that beavers may actually be able to assist with flooding prevention, having previously been accused of contributing to flooding. The research was conducted to see whether or not these furry little creatures could decrease the chances or even entirely prevent flooding. The busy beavers can provide us with a
 nature based solution 
for future floods near rivers.

Research was conducted by releasing just a pair of beavers into a stream in Devon, where they built around 13 dams. This increased the amount of water stored, which during rainfall would slow down the flow and lower, if not eradicate, the chance of flooding. With this discovery, many people will be thrilled, considering the thousands of pounds put in from the government to support UK residents who have been directly affected by floods and had damages to their property and possessions. The Government has already taken action to improve our protection from flooding. Spending around £2.3 billion from 2015 to 2021 in order to strengthen the country’s flood and coastal defences, and better protecting 300,000 homes. Environmental Officers have described the beaver’s efforts as a ‘giant natural sponge’, this can now be seen as a serious option for the defence against flooding in the UK.

However, this is not good news for everyone. Farmers in particular have disagreed with using this solution to fight future floods, saying that beavers cause damages to farmland and can increase the spread of diseases through this. Just like everything else in life there are pros and cons to these kinds of things. In order to mitigate any risk a flood report will detail any potential hazards. Avoiding any heavy expenses that could be incurred throughout the negotiations and protecting your client in the rush to exchange contracts. Your client will be able to enjoy their new home, without the worry of potential flooding. 

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