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Chancel Liability news

Better safe than sorry!

03 Aug 2017   |   Ani Radountcheva   |   0 Comments

Chancel Repair Liability can impact anyone, buying, inheriting or moving into an affected property, but it is something that one can be insured against.

When talking about Chancel Repair Liability, there is definitely a story that comes to the mind of many. The story of Andrew and Gail Wallbank which dates back to the early 90’s, the couple who were liable to pay for chancel repairs and upkeep of the local Church. Ironically the couple were married in that same church28%  years before, but once moving into the property the ancient law from the reign of Henry VIII came to affect them.

The Wallbanks inherited the farm in Aston Cantlow from Gail’s late father in 1990. Shortly after settling into their new home, bills from the parochial church council made their way into the farm. The Wallbanks began what ended up being an 18 year legal fight which resulted in them losing the case, and after that finding themselves having to pay £250,000 in legal bills. Ultimately the couple had to sell their farm to cover all the costs. The farm was auctioned off back in 2009 for £850,000 which helped pay for the bills that in the end totalled around £600,000.

CLI Wallbanks

In 2012 Chancel Repairs similar to this were said to apply to around 5,200 pre- Reformation parishes in England and Wales, the number of properties that could be affected is not known. Although the number of parishes suggests around 5,000 homes were subject to chancel repair liabilities. According to a report in 2011 by the National Churches Trust , a charity that helps to maintain church buildings, the average cost of urgent repairs was £80,000. Chancel Liability Insurance can ensure avoidance of a hefty repair fine for chancel repairs for the local church.


Conveyancing Data Services are able to offer a suite of Chancel Liability Insurance policies from First Title Insurance PLC, starting at a national price of just £15.79 Inclusive of IPT. 



Up to £500,000,000 worth of cover £15.79 incl. IPT

Up to £1M worth of cover £31.64 incl. IPT


Up to £500,000,000 worth of cover £56.00 incl. IPT

Up to £1M worth of cover £95.20 incl. IPT


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