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Election Relfection

19 Jun 2017   |   Ani Radountcheva   |   0 Comments

Well, has it sunk in for everyone yet? The election may be over but the discussions are definitely not. There is still a sense of uncertainty looming over the country.  We have all spent the last couple of weeks bickering with friends, relatives and even strangers about who will be receiving our vote. Frankly, as Gary Lineker tweeted last week ’...Theresa May has won own goal of the season.’ We saw May’s reasoning for calling the election completely back fire for her (according to her opposition anyway.) In the efforts to build a stronger mandate to deliver Brexit, May ended up hung out to dry (excuse the pun) alongside her fellow MP’s. Safe to say one positive to draw from the election is the way the Brits can unite through it all with humour.

So let’s reflect back on the top laughs we gained from the election

Twitter trends brought a positive spin with the hashtag trend ‘#dogsatpollingstations’ saw thousands of people tweeting photos of their dogs as they had gone along to vote.

There was also the amusing side of the debates which saw the party leaders bickering like children and throwing out digs at every possible opportunity. Tim Farron managed to get a fair few laughs by encouraging people to make a brew and watch the Bake Off instead of giving Theresa May the time of day as she didn’t attend the BBC Debate.

None of the leaders got off lightly during their campaigning as the public was not prepared to miss an opportunity to poke fun at them, although some leaders just made it too easy – take Corbyn’s high five to the chest area of Emily Thornberry for example.

What an eventful couple of months it’s been leading up to the election, and the one thing that is (seeming) certain is that we remain with the same Prime Minister as we started. Whatever the outcome we will always find a way because that’s what we do best! As Winston Churchill once said…

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”


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