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Oh flooding hell!

11 Mar 2016   |   0 Comments

With the recent flooding very much drowning people’s spirits, new research has shown that due to climate change, it is here to stay. As humans add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, it not only warms the planet, but also raises the ocean level. Those around coastal areas are more likely to be affected by the consequences, which follow as a result.

Climate change is a large-scale, long-term shift in the planet's weather patterns or average temperatures. Earth has had tropical climates and ice ages many times in its 4.5 billion years. Since the last ice age, some 11,000 years ago, the Earth has maintained an average temperature of 14 °C. However recently, temperatures have been increasing.

Since 1900, sea levels have risen on average about 10 cm around the UK and 19 cm globally. Places such as Copenhagen found that when water levels rose by a mere 11cm, the losses suffered by the surrounding economy doubled. It’s not just the property owners that suffer from the effects of flooding but local business owners through loss of trade.

With over 5 million people living or working in properties which are considered to be at risk of flood, it seems that this number is only set to rise. With all this in mind, it is imperative that checks should be carried to see if a flood report is necessary and if so carry one out. Obtaining a report at the start of the property transaction, rather than waiting for your client to be turned down for home insurance, could save time and money.

In order to mitigate any risk a flood report will cost just £24 and will detail any potential hazards. Thus avoiding any heavy expenses that could be incurred throughout the negotiations and protecting your client in the rush to exchange contracts. Your client will be able to enjoy their new home, without the worry of potential flooding. 


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