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Time for a Board Game

13 May 2016   |   0 Comments

Many of us have memories of lazy Sundays, family members complaining of boredom and a typical rainy day where going out just wasn’t an option...and so, a game of monopoly commenced. In some families, tokens are fought over (often the racing car). In others, they have their assigned players, who compete mercilessly with them, confident in the winning powers of their particular token. As games were played, tactics were acquired and favourite streets were sought after. Monopoly has become a classic and traditional family game, passed down from generation to generation.

In 1904 Elizabeth Magie was granted a patent for a board game called The Landlord’s Game. The game was designed as a learning tool to teach Henry George’s single tax theory. In 1924 a new edition with street names, an alternative set of rules and second name for the game, Prosperity, was patented. By the late 1920s the game was played extensively by college students and had evolved from Elizabeth’s design into the Monopoly we know today

Charles Darrow secured a copyright for his enhanced edition of the game in 1933 and it was produced and sold locally In Philadelphia. The Parker Brothers bought the game off Charles Darrow and purchased Elizabeth’s patent for just $500. The Monopoly board and rules still continue to change to date. A new wave of licensed products began in 1994, when Hasbro granted a license to USAopoly to begin publishing a San Diego Edition of Monopoly, which has since been followed by over 100 more.

Monopoly Facts:

1 billion - people have played the game since 1935

111 countries - where Monopoly is available

43 languages - Monopoly has been translated into

70 days - is the longest a Monopoly game has lasted

286 hours – longest game in a treehouse

99 hours – longest game in a bath

6 billion – green houses and 2.25 hotels have been constructed since 1935

64% chance – of landing on one of the stations each time you go around the board

More Monopoly money – is printed each year than real money

Jake the Jailbird – name of the character behind bars

Officer Edgar Mallory – put him there!

Conveyancing Data Services Ltd – provides searches for each place on the UK board!


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