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A range of products that a solicitor may need to order for themselves to ensure their compliance. Our compliance products include Anti-Money Laundering Checks and our new Lawyer Checker.

Anti-Money Laundering Checks

In conjunction with Tracesmart we are now able to offer an extremely thorough and robust Anti Money Laundering service.  This search, priced at just £5.95 inc VAT is also available on our Pay as You Go service and so increases your chances of only having to pay once in order to achieve the result you want and need.

We fully appreciate that when you're conducting Customer Due Diligence checks you need total confidence in the methods and systems you employ and will look to The Law Society Anti-Money Laundering practice note for guidance. Tracesmart have produced their system with this practice note and the guidance by the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group in mind.

The Law Society's practice note highlights some points to consider when you use an electronic verification provider and we would like to illustrate how our new service meets those considerations:

When choosing an electronic verification service provider, you should look for a provider who:

Has proof of registration with the Information Commissioners office to store personal data

If you click on this link and enter the Registration Number Z2231205 you will find us.

Can link an applicant to both current and previous circumstances using a range of positive information sources

Our service checks all of the following information sources:

  • Current Electoral Roll
  • Current Rolling Register
  • 4 Years historical Electoral Roll
  • Tracesmart Register
  • Directory Enquiries Database
  • GB Driving Licence verification
  • UK & International Passport verification
  • Utility bill verification
  • Credit/Debit card verification

Accesses negative information sources, such as databases on identity fraud and deceased persons

Our services checks the following negative information sources:

  • UK Name and date of birth mortality screening files to identify IOD fraud
  • UK Name and address mortality screening files to identify IOD fraud
  • UK's leading suppression files to identify "gone aways"
  • HM Land Registry sales flags to identify "gone aways"
  • IVA and Bankruptcy screening
  • International sanction files including PEP data
  • Proprietary conflicting occupier logic

Accesses a wide range of 'alert' data sources

Our service checks the following 'alert' data sources:

  • UK's leading suppression files to identify "gone aways"
  • HM Land Registry property sales flags to identify "gone aways"
  • UK's most comprehensive mortality screening files to identify deaths and IOD fraud
  • IVA and Bankruptcy screening
  • International sanction files including PEP data
  • Proprietary conflicting occupier logic

Has transparent processes enabling you to know what checks are carried out, the results of the checks, and how much certainty they give on the identity of the subject

When a subject is verified a detailed summary is provided. This highlights which sources have been checked to verify identity and also incorporates a unique Smartscore, our intuitive combined identity and residency confidence indicator, which provides a certainty assessment.

Allows you to capture and store information to verify identity

As well as being stored on our secure servers for five years, each summary can be stored locally or printed, providing you with either an electronic or hard copy audit trail, dependant on your specific needs.

Lawyer Checker

The recent case of Nationwide Building Society v Davisons (2012) shows that even legitimate companies can have fraudsters copy their brand to commit crime. It is increasingly easy for criminals to hide behind a legitimate front or pretend to be someone they are not to steal your clients' money.
So with this in mind Lawyer Checker has been designed to help you reduce uncertainty in identifying the legitimacy of the vendor conveyancer. This new search will obtain information on the vendor conveyancer in relation to their client account details against an historic data base and in particular the frequency that these details have been used. This will enable you to assess the risk associated with the transaction and also highlight any possible human error in the reproduction of these details.

For full details of the two products available from Lawyer Checker please click here to download our brochure. You can also download our Anti-Money Laundering check order form here.

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