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Environmental & Planning

Conveyancing Data Services are an official reseller for both GroundSure and Landmark.

We offer the full range of their Commercial and Residential products including the following:


  • HomebuyersGroundsure Logo 2015
  • Homescreen
  • Planning
  • Flood
  • Ground Stability
  • StreetTalking
  • HS2 Search

LANDMARK:Landmark logo

  • Envirosearch
  • Homecheck Professional
  • Plansearch
  • Plansearch Plus
  • Homecheck Contamination
  • Homecheck Ground Stability
  • Homecheck Flood


In addition to Landmark and GroundSure's planning searches we haveKYL also developed our own planning report, Know Your Location- Planning.  Included within this report is a complete set of planning applications from within a 250 metre radius of the subject property and it includes Mobile Phone Transmitters and Ofcom Telecommunication Masts. From simple residential extensions to mass developments of open land, the planning application details will be gathered and returned in the report for no more than £12.00 (inc VAT)!!  For more information please CLICK HERE.


The most popular residential environment searches we provide are the following:

GroundSure Homebuyers:

A GroundSure Homebuyers report can help reduce the conveyancer's exposure to negligence and guard the purchaser against property blight.

  • It is a fully-interpreted and risk-rated environmental screening report that tells you what lies beneath and around a property.
  • All reports are compiled and interpreted by IEMA accredited environmental auditors.
  • The GroundSure Homebuyers is the only residential report that offers you and your clients direct access to an in-house team of environmental consultants.
  • Each report includes a large high-quality aerial photograph of the property and multiple colour maps displaying information.
  • Included in each report is an at-a-glance 'certificate' indicating the likelihood of the property being designated as contaminated land as defined by Part IIA of the EPA 1990. A 'passed' certificate indicates a 'clean bill of health'. An 'In Need of Further Assessment' certificate indicates further enquiries are required.
  • The GroundSure Homebuyers provides a more comprehensive search than those provided by Local Authorities.

In addition to contaminated land, the GroundSure Homebuyers covers the following issues:

  • Flood risk and flood insurability verdict
  • Radon exposure
  • Coal mining screening
  • Natural & mining cavities
  • Shallow mining assessment
  • Underground working & mining
  • Natural ground subsidence assessment
  • Potentially infilled land
  • Mobile transmitter locations
  • Ecologically sensitive sites

Landmark Homecheck Professional:

The Homecheck Pro environmental report is for use by solicitors and professionals involved in residential property. It provides information in the five key areas that are not covered by Standard Enquiries of Local Authorities. These are:

  • Statutory Registers - concerns the existence of landfill and waste management sites, or the storage of hazardous substances, in proximity to the property
  • Land Use - looks at both past and present industrial land use, to identify any land which may have been put to a potentially contaminative use.
  • Land Instability (concerning coal mining).
  • Natural Perils - examines the proximity of the house to flood risk and whether the property is in an area affected by radon gas.
  • Other Matters - Other features of note to homebuyers

Each and every report includes a clear assessment on contaminated land liability and an Environmental Certificate from Europe's largest environmental consultancy, RPS. This Certificate indicates the likelihood of the property being described as contaminated, as defined by Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The Certificate also highlights matters which, whilst not relating to contamination, may impact on the value or saleability of a property such as flooding, radon and subsidence. A unique Lending Assessment provides guidance from an environmental perspective as to whether the property can be used as security in normal lending.

In this way, Homecheck Professional addresses the issue raised by the Law Society Warning Card on Contaminated Land as well as removing from the property professional the burden of interpreting the results of the report.

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