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Our mining searches cover ALL past, present and future mining hazards.

Over 35 different past, present and planned mining hazards are covered: chalk, coal, brine, sandstone, limestone, free stone, tin, copper, lead, zinc, iron, ironstone, gypsum, evaporites, Fire Clay, ganister, rare minerals, Fuller’s Earth, Ragstone, Flagstone, flint, coprolite, China Clay, ball clay, silica sand, slate and many more.

The number of sinkholes collapsing have increased by 250% since 2008 due to old chalk mining workings. Over two million properties in the UK are in danger. Areas at risk include large parts of the south of England: the North Downs in Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Greater London and the areas around Reading, Greenwich, Dartford, St Albans, Hatfield, Hemel Hempstead and Norwich.To ensure clients purchasing in this area are not put at risk, order the following report:

  • Mineral Extraction Search – Terrafirma (includes over 34 other mining risks)

Coal Mining
Mainly required in the North and North East of England, the Midlands and South Wales, but our system will let you know when a search ought to be requested. Depending on the search purchased, reports cover past, present and proposed underground and opencast mining, shafts and adits (or other entries to underground coal mine workings), faults or lines of weakness and subsidence. Reports include:

  • Residential Coal Mining - Coal Authority (includes Cheshire brine)
  • Commercial Coal Mining - Coal Authority (includes Cheshire brine)
  • Coal Mining and Brine Substance Report - David Bellis Consulting
  • Ground Stability Report - Groundsure (includes coal)
  • Mineral Extraction Search – Terrafirma (over 34 other risks)

Cheshire Brine
A geographically specific report (our system will tell you whether you need one) that covers whether Cheshire brine is likely to cause subsidence to the property. Areas where this is likely include: Alsager, Bucklow, Crewe, Congleton, Droitwich, Knutsford, Lymm, Macclesfield, Nantwich, Northwich, Runcorn, Sandbach, Stafford and Winsford. Reports offered include:

  • Coal Mining and Brine Substance report – David Bellis
  • Mineral Extraction Search – Terrafirma (over 34 other risks)

Tin Mining
Another geographically specific report our system will alert you to, mainly required in Cornwall and West Devon. We recommend that any property professional with a client hoping to buy in these areas carry out one of the following:

  • Metalliferous Mining Search – Wheal Jane Consultancy
  • Mineral Extraction Search – Terrafirma (over 34 other risks)

This type of mining is known to have been common in the West Midlands, but was prevalent in many other areas of the UK. Our site will recommend one of the following if the property you are transacting on is in the risk area:

  • Limestone Mining Search – Mining Searches UK
  • Mineral Extraction Search – Terrafirma (over 34 other risks including all Limestone)

China Clay
This type of mining has historically been concentrated in and around Cornwall, Dorset and Devon. Our system will recommend a search to determine whether the property is likely to be affected by clay deposits, and if these areas are likely to be worked in future or if past workings pose a threat of subsidence. Searches offered include:

  • Archival Metalliferous Mining Search – Wheal Jane Consultancy
  • Mineral Extraction Search – Terrafirma (over 34 other mining risks)

Ball Clay
Concentrated around three small areas of the UK (South Devon, North Devon and Wareham, Dorset), Ball Clay has been mined extensively for the last century. The CDS website will tell you whether you need a search covering this hazard. Those available include:

  • Mineral Extraction Search – Terrafirma (over 34 other mining risks)


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