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In addition to the range of Title Insurance Policies offered by First Title Insurance Plc, CDS aim to help eradicate the stress of purchasing a property by offering insurance products which will protect your clients during the process of buying their home and subsequently during their ownership, offering financial support should anything happen.

As an Appointed Representative of First Title Insurance plc we can offer you:

  • Title Insurance
  • Home Buyer Protect Policya
  • Home Seller Protect Policy
  • Official Local Authority Search Insurance

Title Insurance

First Title Online is a fast, easy and effective way of drafting and issuing policies for over 50 residential and commercial known risks. Follow the simple 3-step ordering process and a quote, approved by a qualified underwriter, is delivered instantly to your inbox. The built-in case management system also allows for drafts and modifications to be made to a policy free of charge, without obligation.

For all the benefits of our online ordering service, go to Client Login Area and click on Title Insurance. If you are having problems logging in, call us on 0118 9690839 and we will be happy to set you up with an account.

The rules of the English conveyancing system govern that the seller or purchaser of a house is, by right, able to pull out of the purchase process, without penalty, until legally binding contracts are exchanged.

Home Buyers’ Protect Policy     

- £44.58 incl. IPT (if contained within a search pack)


- £82.60 incl. IPT as a standalone purchase

Our Home Buyer Protect Policy offers your client peace of mind when purchasing their property, that in the event the contract fails to complete for the reasons outlined in the policy, they will be able to recover some of their costs.

The policy will reimburse your client up to £1500

  • Conveyancing fees: £750.00 incl VAT
  • Mortgage arrangement fees/lenders fees: £250.00 incl VAT
  • Survey fees/valuation fees: £500.00 incl VAT

This policy provides cover for nine possible reasons for a property purchase failing to complete, including: the property being withdrawn from sale by the vendor; or, the vendor receiving and accepting an offer which is at least £1000 greater than they have accepted from your client.

Home Sellers’ Protect Policy -  £51.42 incl. IPT

Our Home Sellers’ Protection policy provides insurance in the event that the contract for the sale of the property fails to complete for reasons outlined within the policy. The policy covers conveyancing fees for the 7 reasons which are outlined, these include adverse searches, buyers redundancy or down valuation of the property. The limit of indemnity is £1,650 incl. VAT.

Home Buyers’ & Sellers’ Protect Policy - £76.72 incl. IPT

Home Buyers’ and Sellers’ Protect Policy Insures in the event that the contract of the purchase or/and the sale of the property fails to complete and provides the cover described above.

Official Local Authority Search (OLAS) Insurance

An essential part of any conveyancing transaction, a Local Authority Search is a search of the relevant Local Authority’s records for a particular property.

The Official Local Authority Search (OLAS) is conducted by the staff employed at the Local Authority and comprises two separate parts, the LLC1 (the Official Certificate of Search) and the CON29R (Enquiries of the Local Authority).

The matters covered by the OLAS result include a list of all relevant entries identified in the Land Charges Register (which consists of 12 parts, including Specific Financial Charges, Planning Charges and Listed Building Charges) and the 13 subject areas which are covered by CON29R. These include matters such as:

•Planning and Building Regulations

•Roads (footways and footpaths) and Nearby Road Schemes

•Railway schemes

•Traffic Schemes

•Notices, Orders, Directions and Proceedings under Planning Acts

•Conservation Areas

•Compulsory Purchase Orders

•Radon gas

The OLAS result contains a disclaimer restricting the Local Authority’s liability in respect of an incorrect reply to those that were made negligently.

From as little as £5.19 inc IPT for a Residential Policy or £12.45 inc IPT fora Commercial Policy, your client (the buyer) will be protected, for up to a maximum of £2,000,000, in the event that an issue that should have been revealed in the Official Local Authority Search result but was not has a detrimental effect on the market value of the property.

This is only available when you purchase an Official Local Authority Search with ourselves.



This material is intended to provide general information only. For specific coverage and exclusions, refer to the policy. Conveyancing Data Services Ltd is an appointed representative of First Title Insurance Plc, which is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority under registration number 202103

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